Welcome to IOFI

International Organization for Funds Investments

Welcome to the International Organization for Funds Investments (IOFI), a specialty boutique investment management company with a global reach.
At IOFI we are proud to manage alternative investments in lucrative sectors, several with guaranteed returns *.
Currently we manage in excess of $54 Million. We have clients from every continent and we pride ourselves to give superior service and care to our clients.
Since 2012 we managed our initial rounds privately and recently, our board decided to grow our investor base due to increasing opportunities. As such we are rapidly expanding.
Recently we launched our Insurance buy-out fund, an investment pool that has a guaranteed 10% return and specializes in purchase of very particular insurance products.
In addition, we are expanding out real estate investment funds and currently are working internationally.
One of our best performer was our energy sector fund, however at present the fund is over subscribed and we can no longer accept new investors.

* some restrictions apply